Free 4D People Sample

4D People are hyper-realistic and moving human scans, also called volumetric captures. Although they are technically 3D models, their movements and general appearance look true to life. They can be used for any 3D application area such as visualization, virtual production, visual effects, games, VR, and AR.

Each 4D People model has been captured in one of the world's leading volumetric studios operated by Volucap. All 4D models contain a high-resolution 30fps geometry and texture sequence and can be used in common 3D applications, no plug-ins required. Download and test our free 4D People model now to convince yourself of the great quality and usability.

Technical Details:

Volumetric geometry sequence at 30fps | ~30K polycount
Diffuse map sequence at 30fps | 4K resolution
37,1 sec. animation duration (1112 frames)
Centimeter unit setup
No rigging or animation skills required
No plugin required

Available File Formats:

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3ds Max file format icon
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